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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  October 25, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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rescued from the rubble. father and grandmother all trapped in a powerful earthquake how their survival is keeping hope alive. hello everyone. here is what people are talking about tonight, strong after shocks rock turkey 2 days after destructive earthquake kill more than 50 people. in the middle of the chaos, a tiny miracle. >> reporter: this dramatic
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video captures the moment turkeyish rescue crews found the smallist sign of life. they pulled a two-week old baby girl out of a collapsed apartment building alive. rescuers in turkey cheered as paramedics rushed the newborn named to a waiting ambulance. this relative says the baby was found nearly 48 hours after the earthquake hit -- earthquake hit. but her mother was still trapped, pinned next to a sofa, her grandmother was also burried in the wreckage. as doctors treated her at the hospital, rescuers spent hours digging through the rubble to try to save her mother. and they did carrying the 25- year-old out on a stretcher. soon after they freed her 73-
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year-old grandmother too. the rescues came in one of the hardest hit quake zones where hope is fading. but after savings, three generations of the same family, crews aren't giving up. tina, wjz eyewitness news. we learned that tonight an after shock shook turkey again. that's slowing efforts to rescue other people still burried in rubble from sunday's quake. as police tried to shutdown the occupy wall street movement. wjz is live at the occupy baltimore camp where protesters have been living for three weeks. megan has the growing tension there. >> reporter: you can see the number of people and number of tents continue to grow here. about two dozen tents here right now but it may not last for long. antiwall street demonstrators go head to head with police in
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oakland california. dozens are behind bars and police used tear gas to control the angry crowd. in dallas police put protesters on the ground as they blocked access to downtown bank. some dragged into a police van as they were taken into custody and in chicago at least 100 demonstrators are led to jail in front of a screaming crowd after they refused to leave a downtown park. >> we've been here for three weeks without a permit. what's different about tomorrow. >> tomorrow could be a different day here. city hall has declared camping illegal, some protesters say they'll hold strong. >> i see it as a beneficial thing for us to stand out here and stand up for what we believe in. if that gets us arrested, find and dandy. >> the mayor's office said they're working to protest right to free speech. it's not a campground and over night camping is prohibited. the city will continue to monitor the situation and deal
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with individual acts of illegal behavior on a case-by-case basis. even if they're kicked off the plaza, it won't silence them. >> they can try to stop this area but they can't stop the movement. >> protesters tell me they hope to come to a compromise with the city so they can remain here peacefully. wjz eyewitness news. >> megan thank you. according to new cbs new york times poll 43% say they agree with the views of occupy wall street. battle over the medical records of native, lawyers were george huely want to get their hands on those records. he's accused of killing love by slamming her head into a wall. her lawyers argue that love died from irregular heartbeat caused by alcohol and prescription drugs. a maryland prisoner is killed while guard are standing by and did not see the attack. now the state will pay up. the murdered inmates family is awarded more than $18 million.
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only on wjz mike talked to the inmate's appearance about the emotional fight. >> this is never -- [ sobbing ] >> reporter: philip parker's mother has been living a nightmare for more than 6 years when her son was strangled to death. a vicious murder on a bus bound for baltimore. in a landmark decision, a jury awarded her his father and her son's estate $18.5 million from the state of maryland finding the correction system was negligent in protecting philip. >> with no remorse, no compassion. the words they used to describe my son, i'll never get out of my head. >> reporter: the jury found four of the five officers on board that bus were negligent. attorneys for parker's family argue they did not properly restrain his killer troubled convicted murder and that they
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wait today get medical care for parker. >> you take a job, you're responsible for somebody's life. you should be there. >> reporter: it's like the state will appeal. because of limits against maryland's liability it's unlikely the family will ever see all of that money, they say they're not any for that, they don't want another family to go through what they did. >> it's always been about my son nothing else. the guards had to sit and look me in the eye and explain to me why they did nothing to help my son. >> reporter: immediately after parker's death the state made some changes to the way they transport inmates. >> parker's killer committed suicide in prison two years ago, he had been convicted of murder three times. troubling charges against a school custodian, they say he
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performed a lewd act while looking into a stranger's house. he told officers he was just going to the bathroom. the school district has moved him to another position where he isn't near children. northeast baltimore school, firefighters rushed to the rising star academy when the students smelled something some strong cleaning chemicals firefighters aired out the building so classes could continue the children are doing fine tonight. a controversial std vaccine designed to protect girls from cervical cancer. doctors say boys needed to before they're sexually active. early vaccination could stop the spread of hpv. >> health experts feel it will be more effective if it's given to both females and also males. boys should be vaccinated against the hpv. that's the new recommendation of a panel at the cdc. >> the hpv can be transmitted
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from girls to boys and from boys to girls very easily if led to the development of the recommendations of the boys also receive the vaccination. >> reporter: it's the most common sexually transmitted disease in the united states. cdc reports about 20 million people are currently infected with it. they say it increases the risk of cervical cancer in women. the hpv vaccine has been given to young girls for the past five years. now this panel says it should be given to 11 and 12-year-old boys. parents say they see the pros and cons of their children getting it. >> if it could prevent from getting or transmitting some disease, would you want him to have it done? >> i would think yes, but it still depend on whether the vaccine is really necessary from the start. >> reporter: do you want this vaccine for your children at some point in the future? >> i think for myself being a
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nurse, probably because especially us being young still, you know what kids do. >> reporter: the key is for boys and girls to get vaccinated before they become sexually active. this mother had her son vaccinated. >> making sure that he's safe and making sure the women he's with in the future are safe. >> reporter: there's also evidence to suggest the hpv vaccine will help prevent mouth throat and anal cancer. >> it costs around $400 and some health insurance companies will pay for it. >> reporter: doctors are treating a sick researcher who was stranded at the south pole, renee nicole is undergoing major tests here in baltimore. she suffered an apparent stroke. doctors expect her to make almost a complete recovery. they're used to seeing northern lights. mother nature put on an incredible light show last night with these bright colors in the sky. this is what it looked like in kansas.
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some people here also say they got a glimpse of the colorful sky. they usually only appear in the arctic regions. coming up, streets swamped by flooding. the record rain fall that killed a police officer. hidden hazard at the gas pump, disgusting discovery that have you washing your hands the next time you go on. i'm mike schuh, even though there are new laws against it, the number of incidents of people who are lazing aircraft is increasing. what's being done about it will continue. showers headed our way by the end of the week. we'll have the complete forecast coming up next. ,,
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it is 54 degrees mainly clear in central maryland looking for complete weather forecast coming up. torrential rains have called ireland's capitol to issue an emergency. heaviest rain fall in 40 years. two people were killed including a police officer. he was washed away by the raging waters city officials say the property damage is unprecedented the damage from japan's sue no, ma'ammy disaster is making its way from hawaii. they up to 20 million-tons of debris should reach their shores by 2013.
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they recently spotted the junk pile, debris field is estimated to be spread over 2 million square miles. michael jackson's nurse breaks down on the stand during an emotional day of testimony. dr. conrad murray's trial. at one point sharon lee had to leave the courtroom to compose herself. she was recalling when the pop star begged her for the powerful eatic propofol. that's the drug he's accused of giving to jackson causing his death. >> doctors have told me it's safe. i just need to be monitored. he said -- i said no doctor is going to do this at your house. >> we're waiting to see if dr. murray will testify. defense attorneys are expected to wrap up their case on thursday. closing arguments are set for next week. a judge in montgomery county will only allow jurors to see a few graphic photos of a woman killed. prosecutors can show autopsy pictures during opening statements.
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coworker brittany is accused of blunging her during an argument. jury selection is expected to conclude tomorrow. a spike in laser strikes, the dangerous van of people using laser pointers to blind pilots in the sky is headed for an all time high. tough new laws aren't stopping them. small, cheap and strong, in fact this laser is seen more than a mile away. when shined into a cockpit it can blind the pilots making them unable to see the instruments or the ground. >> there was a bright light on the right side of the cockpit, the pilot said to me he thought he was getting laser. >> in fact his chopper was targeted by a laser. it lid up for the cockpit. it will shine across the whole cockpit. >> they landed, arrested a 36- year-old man. but the charges were thrown out. but had that man struck the chopper after may of this year, a new federal law could have led to criminal federal
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charges. there are new laws it may be surprising to learn. that the number of incidents are have increased. there are almost as many this year to this date as there were in all of last year. last year 2,836 aircraft were struck. there have been 2,733. we're on track to have 800 more incident this is year. because jet liners fly on a rigid pathway and can't circle to see who laze them, very losers have been caught lazing jets. but police choppers they can and do hunt the bad guys. most apprehensions and convictions have come from police. >> it's a huge problem, it's dangerous. you can call cause somebody to die, crash the aircraft, whatever. even though it's fun. it's a serious problem to find something on the ground to laser laser. >> mike schuh wjz eyewitness news. >> anyone convicted could face
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up to 20 years in prison. recently retired 60 minutes commentator andy ruinny remains in the hospital according to statement from cbs, he originally went in for minor procedure then suffered serious complications. he's now listed in stable condition. he made his final appearance on 60 minutes earlier this month. hippuris aren't the only reason. it is also crawling with germs scientist from the university of arizona gas pumps are the filthiest on thes with touch. 70% of them are considered highly contaminated. moral of the story is wash your hands. don't grow touching people and everything you know. keep your fingers out of your mouth and ice. i tell my kids that all the
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time time. >> 54 humidity at 66%. winds southwest at 5. the barometer is falling just a tad. 30.07 inches. right now 54 oakland. 48 in cumberland. 57 in d. c. 52 in ocean city. the dew point pretty low. it will be coming up as we expect more clouds and to break out tomorrow night, some rain coming our way. 50 bell air and 57 in annapolis. generally a southwest breeze and that will continue tomorrow, that will allow temperatures to go back up again ahead of the front. now tomorrow with winds out of the southwest may get to 70s, very pleasant conditions of the southeast, a lot of sunshine, be to our northwest, up front developing low pressure that's coming down from the rockies. clouds in colorado, believe it or not we talked about this
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earlier, denver was 80 degrees yesterday, 59 today. 29 with snow. tomorrow they could see 6 to 8 inches of snow. this weekend, back up to 60. that's crazy. for our region, yes, some clouds on the increase, shower activity by tomorrow night. on thursday that front will be close to the region with area of low pressure kind of riding along that stalled front. we have a good chance to see rain here on thursday. mild air for tomorrow, becoming cooler thursday with front kind of stalling out and low pressure zipping through the area. forecast for friday is for cooler conditions. right now release the latest models there may be another low pressure that could give us some rain here by saturday. quick look at the tropics, there it is, rina it could grow to category 3 storm before it weakens to tropical storm somewhere south of the keys by who may be end of the weekend. looks like south florida will probably see some rain out of this system as we look at the
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spaghetti plots or the lynn goneny plots you can call it whatever you want. some of them have it going west toward mexico. a lot of them do have it sort of bending a little bit, hanging out and dying out. one or two of them have it across southern california as tropical depression or storm. it cause rain there. for oregon, not much tonight. clear partly cloudy, 45 tomorrow. sun and then clouds, 0770s a little rain tomorrow night. a good chance of rain and cooler on thursday. maybe some rain, 58, 54, sunshine back on sunday. >> okay. bob. thank you. coming up the ravens deal with a pain of embarrassing loss. see what it has to say about the disappointing defeat. the latest next in sports. ,,,,,
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i know about you, one thing you heard about was the ravens game last night. >> some fans could use some therapy. we found that coach hasn't lost a sense of humor after this they brought some clarity today. but a review of the game video doesn't make them feel much better about that disappointing loss in jacksonville. harbaugh did his day after press conference appearing fatigue from a all day. ugly outing by his offense. in his 20 minute press conference i counted 36 references to sub bar -- sub par play and need to be better. he's not sugar coating a sour performance. when he meets with his team tomorrow they'll get over the pain and move on to improvement. >> it's not going to be oprah, it's going to be football. i think we understand what we need to get done. it comes down to execution. you just watch every single
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play and you see where a mistake or a something could have executed better or play could have been called better. >> when all prosafety ed reed went out with a nerve injury in his neck. he said reed should be okay. but his injury history makes this case unpredictable. the ravens begin practice tomorrow for the arizona cardinals who come to town on sunday. today marks the 25th 25th anniversary for the baseball moment. in game 6, allowed new york to score the game winner against boston, 25 years later another world series gap comes to light that may have cost the cardinals a game in texas. manager tony says the crowd was so loud that his phone instructions to the bullpen were misunderstand and the proper relief picture was -- pitcher was not to warm up. without him ready, the ragers would score the go ahead run to
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win the game. >> that's miscommunication, in the end that comes fully on the coach or the manager. >> i explained yesterday what was going on to the extent what i wanted to have happen wasn't happening, didn't happen, that's yes, that's my fault. >> and the miscommunicative phone call may go down in history that one that cost the cards the world series lifted texas to win game 5 for game 6 tomorrow. the rangers need one more to clinch. you thought your cell phone was a problem that's a problem. more ravens tomorrow. >> okay, mark thank you. >> a major make over for coach classic look, the new design you'll see and the message the soda company hopes to,,,,,,,,,,,
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coca-cola is making a major change. the change is on the outside of the can. the traditional red is giving way to white can with polar bear on it. it's part of promotion to encourage people to donate to wild life. house of california takes halloween high-tech. this music is show worthy. all the lights and props are custom made. it uses energy efficient lights so electric bill will be quite as scary. we'll be right back. ,,
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